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Why is my chart request taking so long? $WRFX

I have been requesting a chart for $WRFX for almost four weeks. and its still not up. Not only that, i know of at least 20 others who have also requested this ticker, including the company itself!

I have sent several emails asking for an update, and have not heard back yet.

Does anyone know why it might be taking so long? Does anyone know what metrics they use to determine if a ticker is "popular" enough?



  • Is that Worldflix?

    Bigcharts has it as OTC US WRFX. It's trading for under a penny. It lists no financials, though. Finviz doesn't have it at all, and they are pretty comprehensive.

    So it looks like it's kind of a specialty stock. Those twenty people might be the only ones trading it. Maybe there's a problem getting a consistent data feed from their data vendor.

    Also, if Stockcharts does put it up, the symbol will be "WRFX". The "$" indicates that the symbol is an index - like $SPX is the SP500.
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