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discrepancy between trend lines drawn on same chart on other sites?

there seems to be discrepancy between trend lines drawn on exact same type chart/points using other charting sites ,
how can this be?
in other words, a long extended trend line drawn on does not reach the same price/time a year or two later as the exact same line from identical two points drawn on other charting sites, why?

I experimented with simple linear, daily line chart trend line using identical 2 points to draw and extend trendline


  • The standard charts on StockCharts are historically adjusted for dividends, splits etc. Almost all other sites don't do this, however it is very important to remove these anomalies when doing technical analysis on the charts.

    I am guessing this is what is causing your problem. You can look at the unadjusted data and charts by simply putting an underscore in front of your stock symbol. "_" I suggest you give this a try and see if it solves your problem.

    There are many articles which have been written on data adjustments just type "data adjustments" into the search box on the main StockCharts page.

    Here's one of the articles which explains it very well.
  • thats not the problem because there are no data adj and I tried your underscore and it made no difference. The difference in extended lines between stockcharts and tradingview, for example, is large, not even close.
    Could it be that the x/y axis ratio, i.e. time frame/price ratio, is different even though both are using linear?
  • gordgord admin
    edited October 2015
    OK, I don't know what the problem is. I haven't ever used TradingView so don't know how they present or calculate their charts, do you have a specific example ? Include the symbol, chart duration and settings and we can compare.

    As usual this information is nice to have right from the beginning. Also can you post the two charts for comparison.

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