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Does StockCharts Scan for Beta?

I've been reading about scans that propose searching for a specific Beta number, but do not see this option in Advanced Scan or Sample Scans. Have I missed something or is there another way to approach this? I'm just beginning to understand the StockCharts scanning system.


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  • markdmarkd mod
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    I think you are correct that beta is not a scan option on SC.

    You could contact support with the suggestion.

    In the meantime, you can filter for that info on finviz (click on Screener, then on the Filter line, select the Technical tab, then choose the beta level you want), then export the results. Not sure if you can then import to a list in SC, or if there are not too many, just create a list manually.


  • Thanks for your suggestions. Support has confirmed that SC does not scan for Beta, so I'll now take a look a FinViz.
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