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Does anyone know if a SCAN can be developed to scan a list of stocks for Seasonality? Assume I have a list of 30 stocks and I want to know which ones have a rating of 40 or lower for a specific month. Thank for any help!


  • I'm not aware of one, but I do miss new stuff from time to time. If there is a seasonality indicator, it would be included in the Technical Indicator drop down on the advanced scan page, and it would be documented in Chart School. New indicators sometimes pop up without notice (not that I see every notice, so maybe it's just me) so you should check chart school and Chip's blogs from time to time for updates.
  • Thanks for commenting! Seasonality is shown at the very bottom of a individual stock chart, along with 3 other items, like P&F Charts and couple others. I will check advanced technical indicators, but I don't believe it is there.

    Bill W.
  • Will,
    Funny you should ask that question. I was just wondering the same thing. That would be pretty cool if you could scan month by month.
  • Bill,

    It appears your referencing with respect to the Variance ratings of 40. It is best to use the Calendar and insert the 40 for its variance. 30 works as well.

    Quill -
  • Quill: Thanks for the suggestion, but I do not use the site you mentioned. See my October 21 comment above. My data is solely from StockCharts. I maintain a monthly list of about 30 stocks and to get the Seasonality I have to pull each stock chart up individually.
  • Will,

    As another thought, go to then click on Seasonal Analysis or simply enter your ticker symbol in the box above. To the right where it says Best stock, these stocks are of the real cheap stocks. does produce a few suggestion portfolios. Takes about 1 minute to compute.

    For the month of December look at MNKD, FCBC, HOFT, BAX, BDX, AA, ACHN, AET, AFL, AGN, CALD, CTSH, DE, EW, GLW, INCY, JBLU, LLY, MON, REGN, HA. Bought HA on October 5th @ 25.57

    Quill -
  • Thanks for those sites. I will use them along with the Stock Charts.
  • Quill: I limit my stock selection to those trading between $20-$35 with an min.(avg.) trading volume of 400,000 per day. Because the market was over-bought the 1st of December I focused on stocks ideal to "Short". An ideal candidate was DCI with a Seasonality of only 25 (only up once in Dec. for the last 5 years). I watched movement of the Fast Stochastics for DCI. On Dec. 1 the %K line moved below the %D line which signaled a "Sell" signal for me. Also, prior to Dec. 1 both %K and %D were above a 80 rating (which is a must for me).
  • Yeah, given what the market's been doing and nobody seems to know where it's going, a seasonality scan by MONTH would be very useful.
  • karenbcz: A Seasonality scan by month already exists in Stock Charts (if I understand your comment correctly). On the starting page for Members go to the very bottom of the page. On the bottom of this page and to the right you will see "Seasonality Charts". Click on it and enter a stock symbol.
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