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scanning intraday sma

How do you scan for if a price goes over SMA 50 or 20 on an hourly chart? I'm an extra charting member on stock charts. I'm new but I can't figure it out.


  • @curtisjsaunders

    Hi Curtis,

    Stockcharts does not offer scanning for intraday indicator values.

    You can run scans during the day for indicator values in different time frames (e.g. daily, weekly). The scan engine will treat the most recent update as the end-of-day (or end of week) value and present results accordingly. However, these are not "true" results because the indicators are designed to work with actual end of period data, not the partial data that an intraday update represents.

    So, for instance, suppose you are scanning intraday for an daily MA crossover and you get a result. That result is based on the latest updated price and the MA calculated using that price). If you run the same scan after the actual market close, that result might not appear if the final values (the closing price and the MA that includes that closing price) are too different from the intraday values at the time the scan was run.

    Note also that if you run a scan using weekly indicators any time before the Friday close, you get the same effect - the result is not "true" until the market week closes.

  • Divine daily time by 6.5 hours open market! Round that to 6 so sma 50 will be 8
    20 can be around 3

    San sma 8 and 3!
    try that
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