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Scan for new stocks

Hello fellow stockcharts-users,

I am looking for a scan to find IPOs. My idea is the following. The IPO is 110 days ago.
Shouldn't it be possible to scan with a specific moving average, eg ema(100), which 110 days ago has no value?
Are there any ideas for a scan quotation?

Best regards!

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  • markdmarkd mod
    Answer ✓
    I don't think that is possible with a "run once" scan.

    You might try looking at the major exchange websites (NASD and NYSE) to see if they have a list of IPOs by calendar year. If they don't have a downloadable file, you could transcribe the symbols in Excel and upload into a list on SC.


  • Here's an answer from a previous similar question:

    "The "Past Data" file usually begins with a record with four prices, all the same, and volume is zero. I don't know what the price represents - possibly the opening price on the first day of trading. The "Past Data" file is a link under the chart on the chart workbench. The file is in reverse chronological order, so the most recent record is on top, and the first record (with the zero volume) is at the bottom.

    So, to find the new issues, you would write a scan for volume = zero and set the date back to a date(s) you are interested in.

    Unfortunately, there are quite a few issues that do not trade every day so an unmodified scan would pick those up, too. You might be able to find additional conditions to limit false positives, or you can just put your results in a list and eliminate the false positives in CandleGlance."

    So you might use this approach to find some new issues, then test your scan idea, which might eliminate the false positive problem. But I think you would want to use a much shorter sma or ema, like 2 or 3.
  • Thank you markd for the answer. More specifically:
    What should we do to find the IPOs of 2014 in one scan?
    Is this possible withe scan engine?

    Best regards
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