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SPY market data WRONG!!!

The highs of SPY of these dates are wrong!!!

On 11/3 SPY broke above dates. It is impossible. Why SPY is so wrong ? Google finance is more accurate.

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  • gordgord admin
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    Hi Maisai, I've moved your question over to the data issues thread as it's really more appropriate there than in the SharpCharts thread.

    Just had a quick look at Google data for SPY and I see it is unadjusted data, so the comparison to SPY on StockCharts is really an Apple to Oranges comparison.

    The standard charts on StockCharts are historically adjusted for dividends, splits etc. Almost all other sites don't do this, however it is very important to remove these anomalies when doing technical analysis on the charts. Google is not a site that specializes in technical analysis, they just provide raw data.

    You can look at the unadjusted data and charts on StockCharts by simply putting an underscore in front of your stock symbol. "_SPY" I suggest you give this a try and you will see the raw data is exactly the same.

    There are many articles which have been written on data adjustments just type "data adjustments" into the search box on the main StockCharts page.

    Here's one of the articles which explains it very well.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited November 2015
    Send your question to Stockcharts Support. It may be a difference in how the data is adjusted for dividends or other items.

    How do you know the Google Finance numbers are accurate?
  • I would assume Stockcharts and google source the data from the same place as well...
  • Yes they both get there data from the exchange or a third party data vendor, I guess it is whoever is cheaper for all of us.

    As I said before Google data is un-adjusted and standard StockCharts data is adjusted, a must for technical analysis and chart study. Lots of articles discussing this subject, just Google it.

    But if you really want to compare un-adjusted data to Google just put an underscore in front of your symbol,, " _SPY " and StockCharts will show you the un-adjusted data.
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