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Undervalued stocks scan

I can't find any discussion on a scan for undervalued stocks. I tried "under valued" and "undervalued" and even "fairly valued".


  • Stockcharts is site that allows you to scan for technical conditions and events based on price and volume behavior - like the direction of moving averages or MACD crossovers, or almost anything you can think of.

    Undervaluation is a judgement based on a comparison of price to fundamentals - what the assets and/or revenues are worth. Stockcharts does allow you to scan for some non-technical conditions - like PE, EPS, market cap, dividend and so on (see the Ticker Properties drop down on the advanced scan page), but these are included to allow you apply technical scan conditions to just the kind of stocks you are interested in.

    I suppose you could scan for stocks with a PE below the market PE or a yield above the market yield, but that's probably not what you are looking for.
  • Simple way to determine value is to subtract total debt from assets on hand. So if a stocks price is $6 but there assets on hand with this figure is $9 you have a rock solid value play.
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