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Can the Line Tool be tamed

More detail will be added if required. The issue is with simply drawing a trend line using the line tool.

I have been out for many months but and don't remember this issue being so extreme as it has been since October.
A couple of years ago I did ask for the ability to extend a line without changing the angle. If that is possible let me know. However, more important to me is to know how to move either side up or down without changing the angle and without the opposite end moving.

Any suggestions?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited November 2015
    I know what you mean.

    Here's one method of coping - before you extend your original line, make a duplicate, then use that as a guide to extend your original line parallel to the duplicate. Then, when you are done, delete the duplicate.

    To make a duplicate, select the original, then hit Ctrl-D on the keyboard.

    If you screw up on the original, you can delete it and drag the duplicate back into place by clicking on it and dragging it into the original's position (drag from the middle, not the ends), then try again.

    You should be able to extend just one end of the trend line by putting the cursor point right on one of the the yellow end points of the line and dragging it in the direction you want. The other end should stay put. If it moves, your cursor is on the line, not the end point.
  • Thank you. I use that technique to extend a line as my suggestion from many years ago to allow using the Alt (or Option on a Mac) to extend the line without changing the slope.

    Two ways to clarify this question. Short and Descriptive.

    How can the line be lengthened to the left or right without the slope changing? How can both sides, individually of course, be raised or lowered without the other side moving.

    Assume the line is drawn from left to right.
    Selecting the right anchor and it can be raised or lowered and the left side doesn't move.

    Select the left anchor and raising it causes the right side to rise at almost the same rate but the slope is, as you point out, changes.

    So, what is the method to select the left anchor and
    (1) raise it without raising the right side?
    My current method is to repeatedly raise the left and lower the right without EVER lowering or extending the left, even by accident.

    (2) lower it without the right side rising if the left side is accidentally moved to the left while lowering.
    My current method is to scream. :D
  • ExpertNovice,

    "Select the left anchor and raising it causes the right side to rise at almost the same rate but the slope is, as you point out, changes."

    From your description it sounds like the starting point of your line is off the chart when you are trying to move the left end, ie you are actually moving the line not the end (starting) point. If you are not actually grabbing the yellow box at the end of the line, (as its off the chart), then what you are describing will happen.

    If this is the case the easiest way to extend the line is just duplicate it and then slide it up and position it further along the chart. This is very easy to do and align it correctly if you leave some overlap between the old and new lines.

    Markd also explained this in his post above.
  • Nope.

    A very small line was just drawn on a chart from left to right and sloping up.
    Chart Dates: 9-28-2015 10:00 AM through 11-27-2015 12:00 PM
    Line Dates 10-28 through 11-02.
    not extending off chart to left or right

    Chart Prices: <1870 through >2120
    Line Prices: 1980 through 2000
    not extending off chart top or bottom

    browser zoomed to 200%
    Started Aero magnifier set to 200%
    The cursor is now smaller than the yellow anchor on the left.

    Select the left anchor in the middle of the anchor.

    sure wish I knew how to prevent the right side from moving.
    Left side doesn't move when the right side is moved up or down.

  • I've tried your example but it works normally for me. Can you create a linkable version of your example chart and post the link here. I can then try it on the exact same chart.

    Linkable version button is just below the chart.
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