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format scan reults ?

1st time using this. May have wrong category. If I do, please excuse.

How do I format scan results? I.E. add columns, move columns, etc


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited December 2015
    Here's a link to the support page link for working with scan results:

    It appears that the list of columns presented is fixed. You can choose to hide a column, but you cannot add a column of your own choosing (unless you have a "rank by" statement at the end of scan - that ranking condition will appear as the last column), and you cannot modify the order in which the columns appear.

    Also note that you can move the results to a favorites list where you view the list in a variety of ways, and delete unwanted charts, or move specific charts to other lists (in "edit" mode).

    Each scan results column does have a sort ascending or descending tool, which is really useful. If you sort the list, then when saving, you will have the option to save the charts in that order into your list (if replacing or creating a new list; if merging to an existing list, you cannot preserve the sort).

    A suggestion: create a "00 raw scan results" list (starts with 00 to make it your first list- you may have to alter the 00, depending on your list naming system). Use it to hold your scan results temporarily for viewing when you are testing your scans (select "replace existing list" when saving, then choose the "00" list). Then empty it when you are done.

    You can also use the "create new list", which will automatically name the list for today's date.

    Review the documentation on the support page for scanning methods. It's pretty thorough and has a lot of useful suggestions for working efficiently.
  • karenbczkarenbcz
    edited March 2016
    I wanted to do that too, but can't. Sent an email to SC Support about it but got no response. Too bad. That would be a nice feature.
  • What can't you do?
  • lol, never mind.
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