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Drilling Down into ETFs, iShares, etc.

While the Sector Summary link provides the opportunity of drilling down to the stock level in each of the sectors, I am wondering how to do the same with ETFs, iShares, etc. How does one best determine which stocks are held in these vehicles?


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  • ZZN43WZZN43W
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    I strongly recommend to dig into the blogs and (recent) webinars launched by Arthur Hill, especially his latest Chartpack. A very complete documentation is available, really high level material. I'm convinced that most of your questions will be answered but please feel free.


  • markdmarkd mod
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    If you go to the websites of the respective sponsors you can get a list of at least the top holdings. With some digging, you may be able to get a complete list. But, the holdings do change, and also the proportions. If the ETF mimics an index, it may be easier to get all the members of an index. Sometimes the information seems to be proprietary, however.

    For the sector SPDRs, XLE, XLB, XLI, etc. you can get a pretty good approximation with

    [group is EnergySector] // change EnergySector as appropriate, MaterialsSector, etc.


    [ group is SP500]


    [ group is SP400]


    [group is SP600]


    Others here may be more thoroughly acquainted and have more detailed information they might be willing to share.

  • Many thanks for the information. I will start by giving the sector SPDR searches a try.
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