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Stocks that have large intraday swings

Would anyone know a way to scan for stocks that have large intraday swings in price?




  • To find an individual instance of wide range, you might try something comparing the days range to some multiple of average true range:

    and [range > ATR(21) *2]

    For stocks that have a wide range as a per cent of their average price, you could play around with the parameters for a scan like this:

    and [ATR(21) > sma(21) * .05]

    which says that the average range over one month is greater that 5% of the current value of the 21 day moving average.

    Or you could just experiment with ATR itself:

    and [ATR(21) > 1]

    Obviously you can use any value for the ATR parameter, the multiple, the percent or the points of range until you find what you like.
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