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Mutual fund distributions

It's that time of year when Mutual Funds make cap gain distributions, and show 5-10% daily losses when in reality there should have been a smaller loss or even a gain. Makes it hard to analyze the chart. Still showing the big drop on the chart a few days later, even with _Symbol for adjusted. When/how are the charts updated to take out these anomalies? For example, look at PRHSX and the big drop 5-6 days ago.


  • Hi MarkL, I don't trade Mutual funds so this question is probably better if submitted to support at StockCharts.

    But I can offer a couple of suggestions.

    - The default chart is for adjusted data, if there are adjustments. The _symbol will give you un-adjusted charts where there have been adjustments.

    - Mutual funds are a little different in how they are structured and how they report. A quick look at the T. Rowe Price website shows that PRHSX did not report a dividend, but did report a gain, which I assume was re-invested thus giving you more units. (PRHSX is a closed fund for new investors).

    - If I look at TRVLX it did report both a div and gain, the chart does show the div and was adjusted for that portion, I assume the gain portion was re-invested and resulted in more units for those owners. (TRVLX is a fund open to new investors).

    good luck and happy holidays
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