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user defined index

Is it possible to chart my own equity using the user defined index

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  • gordgord admin
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    Yes it is possible, you just have to create and maintain your own time series data set. The following are some examples of what you could create and once you have the data set created you can use all the technical indicators available at StockCharts to analyze your data.

    - Stock prices for stocks that we do not cover
    - Stock prices that have been edited by you
    - Portfolio value over time
    - Net worth over time
    - A custom technical indicator calculated by a 3rd-party program
    - The price of anything-you-can-think-of over time
    - Your weight over time
    etc., etc., etc.

    Also type "user defined index" into the search box on the main StockCharts page to find many more articles.


  • I definitely don't want to see my weight plotted over time. Although, if it were a stock, it would be a growth stock... :)
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