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scanning using monthly periods

I want to scan using monthly periods. I usually use the standard scan workbench for my scans but this doesn't provide monthly periods. How would you write the following scan using the advanced scan workbench.
group = my master etf chartlist
PMO line 35,20,10 is below 0 this month and crosses above the PMO signal line 35,20,10 this month
I don't know how to use the advanced scan workbench and need some help with this.


  • Hi @JHuber8383 , you could try creating the scan in standard workbench for the daily time frame, then click the "Advanced scan workbench" button, and change all instances of "daily" to "monthly". Then hit the "check syntax" button and if it's good, save it and run it.

    If you choose to create it yourself in the Advanced scan workbench window, you can use the drop downs on that page very much like the standard page, except you can edit them as you like. You can also pick your favorites list ("group" is for built in lists, "favorites list" is for lists you create) from the Chart Lists drop down.

    A good exercise might be to create the scan in standard workbench and convert it, as above, and them see if you can re-create it by copying line by line using the drop downs under the advanced scan windo to insert your list and the indicators and then editing to match.

    Here's my shot at it, from just the drop downs on the advanced scan page (plus editing):

    [favorites list is 15] // 00 00 00 Raw scan results - you would substitute your own list here

    and [monthly PMO Line(35,20,10) < 0.0]

    and [monthly PMO Line(35,20,10) x monthly PMO Signal(35,20,10)]

    This is syntactically correct, but when I run it against the SP500 [group is sp500] it gets no hits. You may have to play with the parameters (35,20,10) to get the results you are expecting.

    If you are interested in pursuing the advanced scan page potential, click the "Instructions" link at the bottom of the page for lots of info on how to use it. There are videos, too.
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