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EMA 150 Scan


Anyone know how to create a daily scan that when the price of a stock moves below EMA 150 it will generate a list of stocks.
Thanks in advance!


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2016
    This is a very straightforward scan. To make the best use of your subscription, I highly recommend you read through the scanning documentation available through the "Instructions" link at the bottom of the Advanced Scan Workbench page. You can also get there through links on the "Support" page.

    But in short, you can start making scans in just a few steps. Basically, you select the items you need in your scan from the drop downs under the advanced scan window, then edit them, click the check syntax button after each line you complete, make corrections until it's syntactically correct, then run the scan.

    The first step is to pick your "universe" of stocks that you are interested in. If you don't do this, you get more hits than you can possibly evaluate.

    So select your universe by picking and choosing from one of more of these drop downs - Ticker Properties, Price, Volume and SCTRs, Indexes and ETFs, Chart Lists, and/or Sectors and Industries. Hit "Check Syntax" when you are done, or after each selection. Connect the selections with the word "and".

    Then you want to select your conditions from one or more of these drop downs, and edit them appropriately, if necessary: Technical Indicators, Candlestick Patterns, P&F Patterns, and/or Pre-defined scans.

    For your scan, you would select "close" from Price Volume and SCTRs, and "EMA" from Technical Indicators, and edit the results to look like this:

    and [EMA(50,close) x Close]

    The "x" operator means "cross above". So the EMA crossing above price is the same as saying the close crossed below the EMA.

    You have to read the documentation (and watch the videos) to get a feel for the syntax before this makes sense to you, but that should get you started. Like any new skill, it takes some time and effort to learn, but you will like the results once you get the knack for it.
  • Thanks !!!!
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