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Can't get a Sharpchart to display

Hi All,
I am a new subscriber and I can't get a Sharpchart to display on either of my laptops. One is running Windows 8 and the other Windows 10.
All I get is a blank page.
Am I missing something?

thanks in advance


  • Not really sure what the problem could be, what web browser are you using, IE, FireFox etc ??

    I assume you are logged into your account, does everything else on the site work fine, home page, blog articles, chartschool sections etc. ?

    If you are not logged in can you use the site as a free user and see charts?

    Here's the link to the support section with FAQ and troubleshooting guides.
  • Thanks Gord...I have tried IE, Firefox and Chrome and have the same problem with each of them. I am logged in as a paid subscriber.
  • OK so its probably not the browser, please provide some more information as follows and one of us users will try to help figure this out.

    ?? Does the rest of the site work, home page, blogs articles, chartschool articles?

    ?? If you log out can you use the site as a free user, read blogs, chartschool articles and see charts.

    I've never heard of a user having this problem and I'm running Win 7 so my setup is a little different. Maybe someone running Win 8 or 10 has already had this problem and can help out.

    (note I don't work for StockCharts I'm just another user who helps moderate this user forum)
  • Hi David, like Gord I am still using Win 7, so I may not be able to offer suggestions, but I will try.

    Questions for you -

    Do you get an entire blank page, i.e. no header? Nothing?

    Or does StockCharts header info show, but where the chart should be there is a blank space?

    Or do you have a little Microsoft icon that looks like a torn sheet of paper?

    Or any other version of one of those scenarios?

    Have you tried one of your laptops at another Wifi location?

  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2016
    If you have anti-virus or other security software (maybe built in, either to Windows itself or your browser), make stockcharts a trusted site. Or maybe play with how it handles pop ups or images.
  • edited February 2016
    Hi David_UK,

    Have you got the problem fixed?

    I am now having the same problem - no charts showing below the symbol. The other areas are fine.

    I sent email to support team twice and did not get any respone yet.

    I even tried another computer and it is the same problem. No sure what is happening. It seems the other people complained the problem.

    It happed on Friday morning. One second ago, it was fine and it stopped working one second later.


  • Hi David,

    Please check your Inbox area here on s.c.a.n. (the mail icon in the upper right corner of this page) for a message with more information on this issue.

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