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User Defined Index Gaps on the chart

When creating a UDI is there any way to avoid gaps in the chart where the market is closed and there is no data for that day included in the index? I've attached an image of an index highlighting gaps on 25/28 Dec and 1 Jan where there was nothing inputted into the UDI workbench.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2016
    I don't know much about UDIs, so just a guess - do the dates in your uploaded file exactly match the dates in the "Past data" shown under the $FTSE chart, or is there a date for holidays with no data (cell empty or zero)? Possibly the image relies on your dates. Or, it may be a policy to use M-F dates without respect to holidays when a UDI is present. Maybe support would have to answer that, although @gord might know.
  • The dates in the UDI workbench match exactly the dates the $FTSE was open. There are also gaps on global public holidays where normally there would be no print. I'm still waiting on a response from a Support ticket so thought I'd try here but it looks like a blanket M-F x axis is used without regard to the actual dates of the data as I don't see any other options on the UDI workbench.
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