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scanning syntax errors inconsistent

I am developing a new scan and have 2 kinds of problems. Here is the basic scan:

[type is stock] and [sma(20,volume) > 100000]
//and [SCTR >yesterdays SCTR * 1.075]
rank by [PctChange(10, SCTR)]
//and [SCTR >yesterdays SCTR * 1.075]
#past 10 days ranked
//and [SCTR >yesterdays SCTR * 1.075]

Of the six lines, I can activate line 2 and get a correct message on the syntax. (Activate means erasing the //)
Lines 4 and 6 are copies (copy and paste) of line 2. When I activate either line 4 or 6, I get a syntax error. (Only 1 line of 2,4,6 is activated at a time)
Any ideas what's wrong? I've tried restarting Windows 10 several times. I've tried running this on a MAC. Same result.

The second issue is that when I run a scan in development, it's ok initially. When I add a new line to the existing 10 lines, all of a sudden it will not recognize the new line and scans for the previous criteria only.
Any ideas here?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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