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Matrix of prices

Is there a way to define a matrix of stock prices within a scan? Or at least "record" or call up a stock value based on a certain parameter of time - such as keeping the lowest closing value or intraday value in the last two weeks?

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    markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2016 Answer ✓
    Hi @surfsup , it means you can write and save 200 scans. So if you have written and saved 16, you have 184 left. You can run them as often as you want. I assume there are abuse policies (like running 200 scans an hour or whatever) but assuming normal use, there is no limit (until your subscription expires). Also, if 200 is too few (!), you can download them into a text file, write some more, download those, and then switch out them out as you need them. I can't imagine it coming to that, but it's possible.
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    Thanks guys. much appreciated!


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2016
    I'm not exactly sure what you want to do, but if you are asking whether the scan engine can store variable values, the answer is no.

    The scan engine is designed to return symbols for items in its database (mainly equities and etfs) that meet conditions specified in the scan. It cannot return any other kind of value(s). So it can't tell you what was the price of a stock a year ago, because that value is a number. But it could tell you all the symbols that were priced under 10 dollars a year ago.

    If you have a programming background, you can pick up the syntax in no time after reading the "Instructions" link at the bottom of the advanced scan page (if your subscription allows) or the "Technical Scans" section of the Support page.
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    Can you compare today's value to see if, say, it is at least 5% higher than the lowest close price across the last 10 trading days? So,

    Price(today) >= LowestPrice(10 day span) * 1.05

    Sorry I haven't seen scan functions so I just kinda made that function up with my own words/terminology.
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    if you wanted to run that for just one symbol it would be:

    [symbol is "AAPL"]
    and [close > min(10, close) * 1.05]

    In this case, the condition is not true, so no symbol gets returned. If it were true, it would return AAPL.

    If you wanted to run it against a group of symbols, it might be

    [group is SP500]
    and [close > min(10, close) * 1.05]

    and it returns 368 symbols (tonight).
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    Cool. In the market now with the three day pump, even without seeing the results I can assume 368 out of 500 is probably about right. AAPL looks like it is just under the 5% mark. Thank you for trying and replying.

    I assume if I go to the next level membership there are tutorials for learning that syntax in your scan logic?
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    @surfsup , you don't have to be a subscriber to look at all the training documentation, just look under the ChartSchool header and then scroll down to the Scanning section. Read all the documentation, its a very good way to get a tiny glimpse at what the scanning program can do.
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    Ok one last question (I think), I see where it says you are told how many scans you've used (i.e 16 out of 200).

    Is this how many scan criteria/formulas you've set up and saved, or how many scans you've executed. If I have 200 scans does that mean I can only scan 200 times? Or I can save 200 scan formulas and run them 1000 times each?
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    Hi surfsup. With Extra you can save up to 200 scan formulas, then use each one to your heart's delight as often as you like. As far as I know there has never been a limit put on by The limit for me is how much time I am prepared to devote to creating the scans and analyzing the output.
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