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SCTR Rankings

It's possible I am missing this b/c SC is a big site and there's a lot there, but I am curious, how do you find the SCTR rankings for components of an ETF or industry? In other words, I want the SCTR rankings for the companies in XLF (financials - top 10 performers) or XLE, or tech or biotech or whatever. I can't seem to figure out how to do it. Thanks in advance.


  • Can someone confirm if this is even possible? under SCTR Reports, I can only filter a half-dozen "global" settings such as 'small-caps' or US ETFs, etc
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2016
    If you check off "full quote" in the chart attributes section of the chart workbench, the box above the chart will indicate the SCTR value and the SCTR group for that stock.

    To see a long term record of the SCTR value, add the SCTR indicator from the indicator drop down to your chart style.

    At the moment, it seems the SCTRs for US listed stocks are limited to members of the sp500 (large), sp400 (mid) and sp600 (small) but that may not be up to date info. Keep tabs on the Price Volume and SCTRS drop down on the advanced scan page (and the documentation) for additions.
  • Ok, I guess what I want (a list of stocks in order from best to worst for a sector) is not possible. That's ok - but would be nice if SC did that. I upgraded to Extra today so I will be getting into scans - get ready for more questions! LOL (thanks I appreciate your help Markd).
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    @surfsup All the stocks in the SPDR sector ETFs (XLE, XLB, XLI,XLY,XLP,XLV,XLF, XLK,XLU) are in the SP500, 400 or 600. So you could run a scan like this:

    [ [group is sp500] or [group is sp400] or [group is sp600] ]

    and [group is FinancialSector]

    rank by SCTR

    Same thing for all the other sector SPDRs, just substitute for FinancialSector (all the sectors and industries are in a drop down on the advanced scan page).

    If you want to rank stocks not in the sp groups, you can set up the universe you want (the groups, or other characteristics like market cap or minimum price, etc.) and then do

    rank by ROC(63)

    or whatever rate of change period you are interested in (63 is a quarter, 21 is a month, etc.).

    Questions are no problem. But you will get a lot out of studying the scanning documentation. Start with really REALLY simple stuff and you'll get the hang of it.

    The scan above is just a bit beyond "beginner" because it has on "or" statement in there, and that requires the extra brackets. Pay special attention to that part of the documentation.

    Learning the syntax is one thing. Figuring out the logic to get what you want is another. There is always a way, but it can take some out of the box thinking to get there. Feel free to ask when you get stuck.
  • Why couldn't I just run this:

    [group is FinancialSector]

    rank by SCTR

    Does a [group is SP500] syntax have to be used? I suppose "Financial Sector" is kinda a subgroup that cannot be used without a reference group such as SP500 et al.

    The logic isn't a problem. I will just need to learn the syntax
  • You can. The results are more likely to include things that are not in the XLF, if that matters. You could also search the SPDR site(s) to find the actual membership and weightings and make a list, then scan to rank the list. So you have a lot of flexibility.
  • I keep all the components of the 9 SPDR Select Sectors in separate lists... (No use in keeping XLRE or XLFS as those components are subsets) You can copy them from the SPDR site...You will periodically have to update the lists as SP 500 components change.
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