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Need some SCAN Formula help!

I am trying to establish a formula where about Noon each trade day I can determine what stocks are trading in a large range in comparison to what the stocks' current prices are. In plain language it would be: Today's High less Today's Low divided by the Current Price. This is the formula I have developed so far, but I have a problem with ( dividing by the Current Price). Appreciate any help! How do I complete the following equation to divide by the Current Price?

and [Today's High - Today's Low]


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2016
    Try this:

    [group is sp100] // or whatever universe you want

    rank by range/close // a "rank by" statement must always be the last statement in your scan

  • Thanks, will try it.
  • I assume you're using the Last Intraday Update on the Advanced Scan.
    Another way might be to set ATR > 1 or whatever range makes sense to you and then set an upper and lower limit for stock price. This could be run a few times then with ATR > 2 or 3 with higher stock price ranges.
  • Thanks for the advice!

  • Would like a scan for stocks when closing NAV goes thru 10 day SMA +/- 2%
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