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How do you track SCTRs change?

How can you scan for stocks in an industry where the SCTR changes plus 10% in e.g. the last two days?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2016
    I'm guessing you mean you select the industry first, and then look for improving SCTRS. If that's it then:

    [group is ApparelRetailers]
    and [SCTR > 2 days ago SCTR * 1.1]

    rank by sctr

    You would select the "group" from the Sectors and Industries drop down on the advanced scan page.

    If you mean you are looking for industry SCTRs that have improved, then stocks in that industry, you would have to find something that trades that represents the industry. If you enter "SPDR" in the symbol catalog search window, you will see a long list of funds based on SP indices and these all seem to have SCTRs. Some of these represent industries like banks and retail. I think you would have to put the industry etfs in a list and then run the scan above against that list. Then figure out which "Sectors and Industries" selection in the drop down corresponds best to the symbols you get back from your scan and run the scan above against that group.
  • It works very well. Many Thanks!
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