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Daily Flags


I am looking for a screen that allows me to find stocks that have risen approximately 90% in the last two months.

I am also looking to scan for flag pattern stocks in general.

Thank you!


  • For 90 per cent gain in 2 months, you would compare today's close to the close 90 days ago, or close > 90 days ago close * 1.9.

    For the flag pattern, its hard to write a scan using OHLC data because patterns are like snowflakes, no two alike.

    However, you might check out the predefined P&F patterns on this page. Look at the corresponding price charts for each hit and see if they resemble a flag.

    Maybe bullish triangle comes close?

  • I haven't seen @Sharptraders on this forum for a while, so I forgot he has a site that has a section on flags and other patterns:

  • I'm still around...Thanks...Anyway, if you are looking for a 9)% gain in 2 months then I assume you are really looking for High Tight Flags vs. regular flags...Unlike regular flags the flag portion in a HTF doesn't really need to resemble a flag.
  • Sorry...I meant 90%
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