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Changing the color of a moving average in StockCharts

Hi Guys,

I'd like to change the color of my MA from green to red to represent a change in trend. Every 3 bars up to green, every 3 bars down to red. Just to give me an at a glance short term trend understanding for my entries.

I have attached a screenshot from Tradestation to show exactly what I mean.

Does anyone know if I can change the color of a moving average in stockcharts please?

Thanks and Best,


Best Answers

  • CushCush
    Answer ✓
    Hi Spersonal, as far as I know in StockCharts you cannot set a MA to change color to show a trend change, as you've defined it above.

    You might find it interesting to look at the Elder Impulse System used at

    You can find it under Type, along with Candlesticks, etc. when you are in SharpCharts.

  • markdmarkd mod
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    Hi @Spersonal , I'm curious how you would use this. Is the color change an entry/exit signal (if so, it seems a little prone to whipsaws or late entries and exits) ? Or is it just a visual aid? If you have more than one MA on your chart, it seems like it might get confusing. Everybody sees things differently, so just wondering.
  • QuillQuill
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    Using 20 ema over 200ema. Just change the Overlays pecking order to change colours. Review the below charts. You can change the Up Color and Down Color

    However, go to Freestockcharts dot com and you can create your charts with and colour for the EMA SMAs. If using candlesticks, stick to the reds and greens.

    Just a thought,

    Quill -


  • Quill, thanks so much. How elegant and thoughtful!

    Markd, As you say, just a visual aid. I am using it more as a censorship system similar to Elder Impulse.

    Thanks for responding. You guys are great!
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