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Full stochastics

Is there a scan that tells you when the full stochastics lines cross each other? Also, how do you save your filters in stockcharts?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2016
    Hi @rmazey14 , for Full Stochastics lines crossing -

    In the Scan Builder drop down section on advanced scan page, open the drop down for Technical Indicators and slide down until you see Full Stoch %K and Full Stoch %D.

    Highlight one and click the Insert button, then repeat for the other.

    Now edit to put the "x" (crossover operator) between them.

    Note that "x" means "cross above", so if you want %K to cross above %D, you would order them %K x %D. Reverse the order for %K crosses below %D - which is the same as %D crossing above %K.

    For filters - I'm drawing a blank on what you mean by filters. Do you mean scans, or the sorts on the results page, or something else?
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