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Can you scan to see which stock in a category is ACCELERATING ahead of its' peers on a RRG chart?

You can scan for stocks that have an RRG greater than 90, but,is it possible to scan a category of stocks to see which stock is ACCELERATING ahead of its' peers and proceeding the fastest in the group to the top right-hand (or lower left-hand) quadrant of the RRG chart? Would you use slope to measure acceleration or outpacing?


  • How do you scan for RRG > 90? I don't see it in the Technical Indicators drop down.
  • Sorry, my confusion. It should have been SCTR>90.
  • I haven't done much with RRG, but I wonder if you could do something like:

    // begin SCTR change ranking scan

    [group is sp500] // substitute your selection here

    rank by [SCTR - 10 days ago SCTR]

    // end scan

    That would be the largest absolute SCTR change in the period selected

    You would have to adjust the "10 days ago" to the period you are interested in.

    Or, you could rank by the largest SCTR percentage change:


    rank by [ [SCTR - 10 days ago SCTR]/ 10 days ago SCTR]

    // end scan

    Try both.
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