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Is there a way to rank by $SYMBOL/$INDUSTRY

edited March 2016 in Scanning
In my default daily chart I have an indicator window with Price Performance $SYMBOL/$INDUSTRY for a certain number of months.
Is there a way to rank a scan by the final value of that after a given time period? Unlikely, but thought I'd ask the experts.
Thanks in advance.
Also, does anyone know of a scan engine that allows for logic (if, then, else) and variables to be used in the scan?


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    You can't rank by Price Performance in a scan. But you could rank by rate of change for some period - e.g. rank by ROC(21) would give the strongest performers in the last month, ROC(63) in the last quarter, and so on.

    It's worth remembering that the final value on Price Performance is not so important as the slope the line that leads to that value. In other words, a reading of say -10 preceded by a reading of -50 some number of bars in the past may be a better prospect than a reading of 65 with a preceding peak at 90.

    On the second question, I don't know of such a scan language. But, it's very possible you can get what you want from the existing language if you re-conceptualize your search criteria.
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