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Can I delete MULTIPLE charts at one time?

Can't find any step-by-step instructions on how to do that.
It says, go to your chartlist, but when I go to my chart-list my charts are not there.
I see "Edit Info", "Edit Chart", "Annotate" -- but no "delete"
Seems like I should be able to highlight them and just hit delete.

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  • gordgord admin
    edited March 2016 Accepted Answer
    " I removed ALL the charts. HOw do I get the stockcharts charts back? "
    I don't know of any way to restore charts you have deleted. You will have to send a request to StockCharts using the message form on the support page. Detail your problem and see if they may be able to help you.

    Good Luck


  • Hi Karen,
    When you are looking at your ChartList in Edit format you should be seeing a list of the ChartList Contents.

    If you are not, and if there are any charts in that list, then you have a problem that needs "Support".

    If you do see the ChartList contents, then it's as easy as clicking on the charts (each individual box) or the X above the listed charts to fill all the boxes, or Select all

    then lower down you will find a Delete button that says Deletes all selected charts
  • It is a little confusing - in 10 per page mode, Chart Book and Chart Workbench, Delete Chart is an underlined link; but in Edit mode it's a check box. It makes sense, but it's misleading.

    And in Edit mode, it would nice if they could pop up a chart on mouse over instead of requiring a click to open a new page, so you could see what you are deleting. Maybe that's coming later.
  • Here's a tutorial article with examples of the many different ways to delete charts from a list.

    Note when you are in the edit mode screen you can also delete the whole list, just use the "Delete List" button at the top of the page just under the list name.

    I know StockCharts makes it a little difficult to delete charts and there is always that pop up box that says "Are you sure you want to do this". But it still happens often that a user has accidentally deleted many many complicated annotated charts and then wants StockCharts to go thru a complicated and costly effort to restore them, trust me you don't want to be one of those users.

    PS another trick; If you have a symbol you have grown to hate and just want to remove it from all your lists, but can't remember all the lists it's included in, just go the home page search box and type in the symbol. Then scroll down the page to your chartlist section and it will show you want lists include that symbol.
  • I removed ALL the charts. HOw do I get the stockcharts charts back?
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