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RSI moving average crosses (9 day ma crosses the 35 day ema)

I'm trying to create a scan that will identify where the 9 day ma of the RSI(14) crosses the 35 day ema of the RSI(14)

I tried the following but get an error message:

and [ma(9,RSI(14)) x ema(35,RSI(14))]

I'd really appreciate your help.


  • Hi @cprtrain

    Assuming you want a simple moving average for the first term, you just need an "s" (for "simple", vs. "e" for "exponential) in front of the "ma" :

    and [sma(9,RSI(14)) x ema(35,RSI(14))]

  • Yes. I did a little more research and you are correct. I also needed to specify daily [daily sma(9,RSI(14)) x daily ema(35,RSI(14))]. Thanks for your reply.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2016
    "daily" is the default time frame for the scan engine, so you don't have to specify it. But no harm if you do.

    If you should want to do a different time frame, all elements need to have the time frame modifier, so for instance

    and [weekly sma(9, weekly RSI(14)) x weekly ema(35, weekly RSI(14))]


    and [weekly sma(9, RSI(14)) x weekly ema(35, RSI(14))]
  • Thanks again. I'm using this in conjunction with divergence scans that I've been using for quite awhile with excellent results.
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