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I noticed it still shows yesterday's close. Even though the NIKK closed for "today" already. All last night and this AM it is not updated. Is this normal? With $SPX, et al, when I load the chart it will show me a chart for that moment (10 min delay, not intraday). With non-US, it seems the charts are not updated until some random time later.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2016
    Here's a link to the Support page that explains SC's data practices:

    $NIKK is an "EOD" symbol, meaning it gets updated only once per business day after the close of business. The documentation isn't clear about whether an index based on a foreign exchange is updated after that exchange closes, or whether it occurs only after the US business day closes.

    In any event, as of 11:37 Eastern 4/6/16, I see the $NIKK is updated as of April 5. The current time in Japan is 12:37 am, April 7 according to

    So, markets for April 6 in Japan are closed, but not yet updated here. So it looks like SC waits for the US business day to close.
  • Thanks. I find that strange but I get view the chart at other places in real time. Would be nice if SC had that for the subscription.
  • Well, there has to be subscriber demand to justify the cost of the real-time data. That could happen as the site grows, but I guess not yet.
  • Well it would be nice if SC at least updated the other indices at their close. It's very strange to only be able to view these after our markets close. They effectively (in Asia) start trading their next day only a couple hours after SC updates their charts.
  • Good suggestion to send to Support. It may depend on their data source, but it might be just a business process they could alter if the data is available earlier.
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