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How do I eliminate receiving ishares, ETFs, SPDRs, Mutual funds - Only want STOCKS on NASDAQ, NYSE

[TYPE = STOCK] AND [COUNTRY = US] AND [CLOSE>50] AND [VOLUME >1000000] AND [CLOSE>=SMA(20,CLOSE)*1.02] AND [RSI>50] AND [RSI<70] AND [MACD HIST (12,26,9)>0]

Just want to see are stocks on NASDAQ, NYSE exchanges.

run of scan displays 5 items that I do not want to see.
IBB Biotech iShares

thank you,

Joe M


  • That's an easy one, just change the intro to your scan to the following;

    [TYPE = STOCK]
    and [ [exchange is NYSE] or [exchange is Nasdaq ] ]
    and [group is not ETF]
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2016
    Hi @jmajocha , in your scan, after ... [volume > 1000000], add this line:

    and [group is not ETF]

    When this line is part of your scan, your price and volume conditions probably ensure you will get only NASDAQ and NYSE stocks, but if you want to be sure to eliminate OTCs, PINKs, etc., you can also specify

    and [ [exchange is NASDAQ] or [exchange is NYSE] ]

    Note the extra pair of brackets [ ] around those two conditions. They are necessary when you use an "or" statement. You have to say "or" because If you say NASDAQ "and" NYSE you will get no results because no symbol is traded on both exchanges (as far as I know).

    Also, if I can make a suggestion: If you are using the Advanced Scan Workbench, your scans will be easier to understand later when you come back to them if you format them with a new line for every "and". I've also added a blank line between each indicator condition - again just to improve readability. It doesn't affect what the scan does.

    So your scan might look like this:

    [TYPE = STOCK]
    AND [CLOSE>50]
    AND [VOLUME >1000000]
    and [group is not ETF]
    and [ [exchange is NASDAQ] or [exchange is NYSE] ]

    AND [CLOSE>=SMA(20,CLOSE)*1.02]

    AND [RSI>50]
    AND [RSI<70]

    AND [MACD HIST (12,26,9)>0]

    Just a suggestion. If you are using the Standard Scan workbench, it doesn't apply. Hope it all helps!
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