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Indicator ADX Line (w/ +DI & - DI)

Can any one tell me how to make the ADX Line invisible, leaving only the +DI & - DI? My color blindness is a great problem in charting.

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  • MatrixMatrix
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    Good morning Lambchops.
    I am quite colour deficient also and have had to finds methods of adapting charts to work with my particular colour blindness limitations.
    I'm sure you are aware that colour blindness is a spectrum and each individual will have a greater or lesser ability to see various hues. I fall into the worst 25% of that spectrum so I hope this response will provide you with a mehod of adapting your charts so they are useful.
    In this situation, I find that using solar as my chart background and blue for the ADX Line the contrast allows me to differentiate between the 3 indicator lines.
    I hope this helps.


  • Someone else may have a better solution, but in the meantime, you might try this:

    Open "Advanced Options" and next to ADX +/- add a simple moving average of length "1" and color "white" like this 1:white.

    That turns the ADX line light grey if your background is white.

    You could try other combinations of chart styles and moving average colors.

    Here's picture of where to add the sma:

  • markd: I appreciate the effort but what I was hoping for was some way to make it white on white.
  • I understand. Hopefully, somebody has an idea.
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