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Scanning for this type of candle

Could someone help me out with scanning for a particular shooting star type of candle? Please see attached for the visual representation.
Here is what I am looking for:
1. Open lower then close
2. Close near the bottom of the candle
3. High at least as far away from the open as close
Thank you! :)


  • Try this.

    You may not get hits every day.

    // begin candle scan

    // close less than yesterday's open

    and [open < 1 day ago close]

    // close is in the bottom tenth of the bar's range (or wherever)

    and [ close < low + [range * .1]]

    // the distance from high to open is at least the distance from open to low

    and [ [high - open] >= [open - low ]]

    // you can stop here, or,
    //if you want to insure that the candle body is a certain size add these lines:

    // open is below close

    and [open > close]

    // candle body is greater than 30 per cent of range (or some other per cent < 50)
    // reverse the ">" to "<" if you want it not larger than a certain size

    and [ [open - close] > [ range * .3] ]

    // you can stop here, or,
    //if you want to insure a certain range, specify a fraction or multiple of average true range

    // range is greater than 80 per cent of average true range for the past 5 bars

    and [range > ATR(5) * .8]

    // end scan
  • Thank you!
    You are awesome! :)))
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