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How to get past data of SCTR

For example, get the weekly data of SCTR like below
1/2/16 to 5/2/16 SCTR
15/2/16 to 19/2/16 SCTR


  • SCTR data doesn't appear to be available in tabular form, but you can add the SCTR Line indicator to a chart and use the "Inspect" tool to get approximate values if you want.
  • Thanks!

    So, What "Starting 5 trading days before the last market close" mean?
    Does it mean:
    If today is 8/4
    1) it get 4/4 data only or
    2) it get 4/4 - 8/4 (5 days) data?
  • As I want to get all large cap stocks which higher than 90 in every week, it is impossible for me to inspect the graph one by one and drop it down.
    Any way that I can make it?
    Thanks again!
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2016
    Are you using a free version of Stockcharts, or do you have a subscription?

    If you have a subscription, you can put your stocks in a list (or maybe several lists). Then you can display the stocks in 10 per page view or Candleglance view (about 20 - 30 per page).

    To get them into a list you can write this very simple scan, run it, then save the results.

    // begin large cap SCTR scan

    [SCTR.large >90]

    // end scan

    With the free version, I think you have to look at them one by one.
  • Starting 5 days before last market close means -

    The most recent market close is day 0

    So, today after market close is day 0 or Wednesday Apr 13
    1 day before - Tues Apr 12
    2 days before - Mon Apr 11
    3 days before - Fri Apr 8
    4 days before - Thu Apr 7
    5 days before - Wed Apr 6
  • Thanks for your explanation.
    Yes, I did subscript the service, I am Extra user, but still not convenient to drop it one by one.

    However, after your explanation, I think I can do it in this way.
    Let say today is Apr 13
    I scan by this formula and export it into csv format:
    choose 7 days before, Apr 4, [type = stock] AND [SCTR.large > 0]
    choose 6 days before, Apr 5, [type = stock] AND [SCTR.large > 0]
    choose 5 days before, Apr 6, [type = stock] AND [SCTR.large > 0]
    choose 4 days before, Apr 7, [type = stock] AND [SCTR.large > 0]
    choose 3 days before, Apr 8, [type = stock] AND [SCTR.large > 0]

    Then I just use vlookup in Excel and sum up SCTR in each stock. Finally, average it and get the past SCTR weekly data.

  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2016

    Hi @sendmead

    If you don't need precise results, you might get a very similar number by looking at the SCTR number for the SP500 SPDR ETF, symbol "SPY".

    You can get that number by adding the SCTR Line indicator to a chart for SPY, or by checking off "Full Quote" in the Chart Attributes section of the Chart Workbench.

    That might save you a lot of work, unless you want the SCTRs for each individual stock.
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