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Scan will not save!

I have an existing scan already saved, and I am trying to edit it. I can make the edit, check the syntax, and everything seems to be fine- except that the scan will not be saved. I can click "save as" and even confirm the name of the scan, but the updated version does not appear when I return to run it.


  • If you are editing an existing scan, one of your choices should be "Save" along with "Save As".

    If you select "Save", your changes should be saved.

    I'm pretty sure "Save As" is only used to CREATE a new scan. So, after your edits, if you choose "Save As" but you don't edit the name, it sees that a scan by that name already exists, so - to be safe - it doesn't overwrite it.
  • I have tried both 'save' and 'save as' but my scan will not appear when I return to run the scan.
  • I guess you'll have to contact support. Give them as much detail as possible - name of the scan - original version, edited version, system and browser you are using, etc.

    Is it just this one scan that gives you the problem, or does the same thing happen with every scan?
  • It seems that the problem only occurs on one computer(I have used 3 different computers to access the account). I have already contacted support, and they responded but could not offer much help.
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    edited April 2016
    Hi @tillr ,

    Very strange. If the problem is only on one particular machine, then it's not a problem with the Stockcharts site, so support wouldn't be able to help, unfortunately.

    Are you using the same version of the same browser on all 3 machines? If so, are the security settings all the same?

    Do all three machines have the same version of the same operating system?

    Do all three machines have the same anti-virus software, if any, and are the settings the same?

    On the machine that has the problem, is it with just this one scan, or is does it happen on every scan?

    Also, on the machine that has the problem, does it occur on a different browser, or just the one you normally use? For instance, if you are using Internet Explorer, download Mozilla Firefox (just google Firefox and download ONLY from the and try that, or vice versa.

    I have a feeling the problem is security setting related. Unfortunately, I don't have enough experience with internet related software like JavaScript and HTML, so I can't help you much more than that. You might need to contact support for your browser or your operating system.

    Maybe @gord would have some ideas.
  • The problem occurs on every browser on the one computer, and does not occur on any other computer. I believe that all the settings are the same on each computer. Thank you for the help. If all else fails, I'll just use the other computers to save scans.
  • OK. It's likely an operator system setting, or security software if you have that. Or, it could be malware of some kind. If you haven't done a security scan, you could try that.
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