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Sorting Scan Results via 'Rank By'

Hi fellow chartists.
in scanning -
Is it possible to add a
"Rank by Universe" at the end of a scan ?
Thank you

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  • markdmarkd mod
    Answer ✓
    @dryan3 , I think you could get an approximation using

    rank by market cap

    The results wouldn't correspond exactly to the designation because price changes can take market cap over and under the category thresholds, but it would be pretty close most of the time.

    @gord might have further suggestions I don't know about.


  • There is no "universe" term recognized by the scan engine.
  • What do you mean when you say "Rank by Universe" ?

    There may be a way if we know a little more about what you are trying to do.
  • thank you Gord

    If at the end of a Scan you add
    Rank by "close" ascending
    the scan generates a table ranked by close
    I do not appear to be able to do this with "Universe"

    Welcome your take
  • Still not sure what you mean by the term "Universe", can you explain.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2016
    Hi @gord I can't remember now if "universe" is a term from the tutorials, or whether I made it up - but when suggesting solutions for scan questions, I refer to the first part of the scan, where you select the stocks you want to look at, like [group is sp500], as "the universe" (vs. the conditions you are looking for in those stocks, like "ADX Line(14) x 20").

    I think what @dryan3 is asking is, if you have several parts to your universe (like exchange is NYSE, exhange is LSE, group is ETF, etc. - see his other recent questions), can you sort the results of your scan by the different elements that make up the universe you are scanning?

    P.S. whoops - I found it - I got it from an entry of yours in the Scanning Technically blog -
  • Thank you Gord & MarksD
    What I mean is to Rank the results according to "Universe" (as opposed to "Symbol", "name", exchange", "sector", "industry", "SCRT", "close" or "volume"
    The results page has a "U" (aka universe)
    thank you
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