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Adding / Deleting Headings to Scan results

Hi Chartists

Doe anyone know if you can Add / Delete Headings to Scan results ?

ie - I would like to add "Market Cap" as a heading when I run a scan.

Thank you



  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2016
    Well, you can't make a heading appear at the to of the scan results page, but -

    If you save the scan results using "Store these results in a new chart list" from the "Available Actions" drop down on the Scan Results page, it will automatically name the list for the name of your scan plus today's date.

    So if the name of the scan is Market Cap, a scan run today would be named "Market Cap 2016-04-25".

    Or, if you keep a chart list named Market Cap, you can replace or merge the results into that list.

    Naming your chart lists after the names of your scans is a pretty good strategy for organizing and tracking your results. Since the chart lists are stored in alphabetical order, you can use a prefix to make the lists appear in the order you want, and group them by types of scans.

    For instance - you could have

    00 00 Temp results lists

    10 00 Market cap - all
    10 10 Market cap with MACD above 0
    10 20 Market cap with Stochastics under 20

    20 00 Energy stocks - all
    20 10 Energy stocks above 200 MA


    The 00 00 Temp results list is good for testing scans until you know what you want.

    You can use the same method to name your scans. That way, if you run the same scans everyday, but want to keep the results separate, they will appear in order in your scan list. For instance

    10 10 Market cap - all 2016-04-25
    10 10 Market cap - all 2016-04-26
    10 10 Market cap - all 2016-04-27

    Hope that helps.
  • Super. Thank you
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