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How to create a scan for the 'max stock price in 2015'?

I am trying to scan for the max prices of certain stocks in 2015.


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2016
    Hi @raggarwal , the scan engine only returns symbols that fit the conditions in the scan.

    "max stock price in 2015" is a number, not a symbol, so you can't write a scan for that.

    It sounds like you already know the symbols you want. To find the max price for those symbols, you have a couple of choices.

    You could put the symbols in a chart list, or just enter them in the "Create a chart" window at the top of the SC home page and then use the "Inspect" function, or you could download the "Past Data" (see link under chart - subscription only) into Excel and use the max function in Excel.

    Note, the data for a default format symbol (e.g., IBM, AAPL) is adjusted for splits and dividends, so the results you get for your symbols may not be a price where the stock actually traded on a particular date. If you want unadjusted data, put an underscore ( _ ) in front of the symbol (e.g. _IBM, _AAPL).

    P.S. I am not certain whether data is adjusted for non-US stocks (I am a Stockcharts user in the US, I don't work at Stockcharts) - you should test each symbol with and without the underscore and compare the data.

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    Hi @markd. If I want the scan engine to return results for stocks using unadjusted data, how would I do that? I tried using the following code: "and [symbol starts with '_']". This did not work. Evidently, the underscore needs to be inserted AFTER the scan is performed, but this defeats the purpose, for me at least. I need the results to match the charts on my trading platform which does not use adjusted chart data. Any thoughts?
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    Hi @trade_craft , sorry I did not see this earlier. It seems sometimes the forum software does not move replies to the top of the front page.

    @gord , do you know the answer to this question?
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    gordgord admin
    edited July 2016
    I don't think you can. The scan database is only adjusted data for TA. The unadjusted historical database was only added so users could check against other sites.
    But u could always send in a question to support.
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