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How to Use List rather than Rank in a Scan

Example Scan Used to Rank Weekly Percentage Changes

[favorites list is 243] // 2875 Dow Jones Sector Averages
rank by weekly PctChange(1,close)

Is there a way to develop a Scan that will list the actual weekly Percentage Changes rather than the rank?

Something like:
list by weekly PctChange(1,close)



  • Hi @s205449 , there is no function to name the chart for the rank value.

    You probably already know that when you run a scan with a rank by statement, the last column on the results page displays the actual value of the rank by condition.

    So, for instance, I just ran your rank statement with [group is SP500].

    The top entry is SWN, and the per cent change value in the last column is 11.328. The bottom entry is PRGO and the per cent change is -19.868. Those are the actual per cent change values.

    If you run the scan as of the current day (not offset for a prior date), when you save the charts to a list, if you display the chart in a weekly chart style, that weekly change value will display at the upper right corner of the chart. You can preserve this number if you change the Chart Attribute "Range" to "Select Start/End". If you save that chart style to CandleGlance you can view all the charts at once with the per cent value displayed.

    But, in Select Start/End mode, your charts will not update daily. So kind of a trade off.

  • Thanks - that helps
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