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Access to charts

Does anyone know if I can set the charts to click through quickly either by volume, index, exchange, alphabetical or any other parameters? I only need to see each chart for a few moments so I want to be able to see as many as possible as quickly as possible. Also if I can set parameters, I can reduce the amount of charts I need to click through. If anyone has ideas that may assist me through other means to attain the same result, which is to click through charts on a daily basis to see session changes on each selected stock, please let me know.

Thank You


  • If you have a subscription, you have a lot of choices.

    Probably the first thing to do is create at least one chart style that includes whatever prices, overlays or indicators you like, if any, for whatever length of time you like - a few days, weeks, months or years.

    Then if you want to look at the same symbols every day, put them in a list (up to 500). If you have different symbols from day to day, you can just enter them in the Symbol or Create a Chart window. Or, you can write a scan for whatever condition you want to see (write once, run as often as you want) and put the results in a list and view that.

    If you go with a list, you can page through your charts in either "ChartBook" view, or by clicking the arrows in SharpCharts Workbench. Or, you can see them twenty or more at a time (in reduced size) in CandleGlance view. How many you see at once depends on how you want to view them - you see more with the built in choices - or you can configure your own "CandleGlance" style.

    If you want to view the charts in a particular order, you might run a scan with just your list's name and a "rank by" statement, and then the results with "Preserve Sort Order".
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