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Can you save Candle Glance with a favorite indicator and time period?

I use FireFox for my browser and have a Candle Glance of 12 symbols which I bring up as a tab on my homepage (using save current pages under options). Rather than the default of 2 months I would prefer it showed 1 year's worth of data, and I would like to include the optional indicator PPO. Is there a way to to save the Candle Glance with these parameters?

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  • markdmarkd mod
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    Hi @BobS here's a link on how to customize CandleGlance.

    Basically, define a chart style, name it CandleGlance and you are good to go. I actually have several styles for different time frames, e.g. CGdaily, CGweekly, CGmonthly. When I want to switch time frames, on Chart work bench I apply the new time frame style to the current chart, then hit "Replace" and choose CandleGlance. Then when you open a list in CandleGlance view, you see the new time frame style.
  • gordgord admin
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    Hi @BobS

    I think you've figured it out. Yes the key is to have all your tabs showing the correct URL link. When you modify a new chart you can get the correct link by saving it, or by using the permalink button and reloading the page.

    For home page tabs in FF I just save the current pages as the home page, in the tab order that I want them to re-appear. I don't have to do anything else, but everybody's system is a little different.


  • gordgord admin
    edited May 2016
    I do something very similar in FireFox.

    Just bring up your home page and then adjust the parameters on the Candleglance tab and refresh it, then go back to what you want the opening tab to be, and then resave your homepage (using save current pages under options).
  • @Gord I do not think I understand what you mean by "then go back to what you want the opening tab to be". What i have been doing, which I thought should work, gives me the correct symbols on the CandleGlance, but it gives me the defaults of 20 and 50 dma, daily chart, 2 months duration with no indicator. Could you explain a bit more specifically what you are doing to save the unique settings?
  • @MarkD Thank you for this thorough answer. I have been out all day. I will give this a try and let you know. Thanks again.
  • Thanks @MarkD. This worked great. I have begun implementing it and will continue to refine it as you have (likely with several CG... styles as I determine the exact styles I would like to see.
  • @Gord I have an even more important question for you, since you use FF with StockCharts. I have a 10 day long bar-chart perf chart (with about 10 symbols) that I would also like to be among the tabs on my homepage. The problem is that if I just say "use current pages" it comes the next time at the default 200 days (not 10 days) and with the default line chart (rather than my preferred bar chart). I suspect the solution uses the permalink button at the bottom of the perf chart. But I am not sure what exactly to do with the link once I have it. Can you guide me?
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