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Reference List of Chart Instructions

Is there a reference page in stockcharts that lists the different and optional parameters that you can use.
For instance The ":" or "$one" used with "stock symbol, or that you can add "high" or "low" to use High or Low instead of close with moving averages.



  • markdmarkd mod
    edited May 2016
    The ratio symbol is explained in "Technical Overlays and Indicators" in Chart School under Price Relative. Using H and L with moving averages is explained under the Moving Averages article on the same page.

    I found $ONE under Frequently Asked Question in the Support section, under the question "How do I invert the vertical scale on my chart?" It may also appear elsewhere, but a site search on $ONE didn't yield useful results.

    The documentation seems to be improving considerably. Don't be afraid to use site search, although I know choosing the right terms can be frustrating. For instance, if I didn't know $ONE can be used to flip charts, I wouldn't have known to look under that question.

    FYI, there is another trick I've learned for which I haven't found documentation (I think I learned this from @Kevo):

    If you add moving averages to your indicator (in the advanced options section) you can control the color of the MA line. For instance if you add Price Performance as an indicator you can add the advanced option "Simple Moving Average" with, say, "21:red" and the moving average will be red instead of a default color.
  • Thanks Mark. I noticed Greg Schnell using the colored moving averages on his charts. I was hoping there was a quick reference that I could go to for these little tricks. Maybe I'll send a suggestion to stockcharts.
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