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The following scan spits out charts which have one green bar following one red bar. Most of the Elder traders are looking for the Green bar as a buying signal right after the last red bar.

Instead of Advanced Scan Workbench, switch over to the opening page for Standard Scan Workbench on

1. Set Volume at 1,000,000 in the "Global Filters" area

2. In the area to the right of "Global Filters" area is an area named "Predefined Chart Pattern" place "Elder Bar Red" 1 day ago "true". Next box down in "Predfined Chart Pattern" place "Elder Bar Green" 0 day ago "true".

3. Run Scan

Scan - 70E - Elder Impulse

• For the last market close:
• United States Stocks with...
• 20-day Simple Moving Average of Volume for today is greater than 1000000
• The chart has a Elder Bar Red pattern for yesterday
• The chart has a Elder Bar Green pattern for today

found 20 at 11:37pm 5/3/16 eg........

Quill -


  • Hi @Quill , I see this is addressed specifically to me. I'm not sure I understand your purpose.

    The example seems to produce the intended results - most recent bar for CBL is green, prior bar was red.

    If you think the result is wrong, you should report it to Stockcharts Support. I don't work for Stockcharts and I don't know anyone there (except by email through my own occasional support questions).

    I'm sorry if you have a question for me that I did not catch. If you do, please ask again. Thanks.
  • Markd,

    My bad, just thought this would be a heads up if some traders/investors would ask questions about Elder Impluse in a round about way as a thought.

    I guess I used the wrong procedure.

    Best regards,
    Quill -

  • No, my bad. I get it now. Thanks for contributing.
  • Quill

    I've tried a number of times to start an ELDER IMPULSE conversation but had no luck. Hopefully this will start one like you wanted.

    I also use the Elder Impulse chart & CCI. Where you use MACD , I use the MACD HIST with a 13 ema overlay which gives another view of the ELDER IMPULSE. While you use the 13 & 59 ema's, I use two (2) KAMA's, one with 2 periods & one with 5. So, we are very much alike except you are scanning while I day trade the Junior Gold Miners Index Bull & Bear ETF's. The CCi <-100 gives me the buy signal
    & KAMA gives me the trend. It amazes me that two traders chart so much alike but trade so differently.

    I'd be very interested if any one else finds the ELDER IMPULSE so beneficial as Quill & I do.

    (I don't know how to post a chart like Quill did).
  • Lambchops,

    I don't know what a KAMA looks like.

    This board is not for chatting. I don't think anyone is allowed.

    If you have access to the Motley Fool, you can chat on my board
    Also use Freestockcharts dot com

    Best regards,

  • quill

    One of the categories listed above is "Using Technical Analysis', another is "Trading Stratagies".

    If you want to know "what a KAMA looks like", go to Chart School under Overlays and learn something;

    it was introduced to us by Chip a few months ago.

    I have no interest in Motley Fool, Freecharts, nor your board.

    I have been a teacher for most of my life & what I do have interest in, is sharing, not chatting, with others. I just shared with this board a method that has been very,very productive to me, and hopefully will be to others who open their eyes.
  • Lambchops,

    re: simplicity werks best.

    I trade the Junior Gold Miners Index Bull & Bear ETF's. And I don't need the KAMA technique.

    Being a Tetter Totter principle trader, I trade JNUG / JDST and have not lost a dime (impossible to fail) via the Front-Weighted Moving Average (FW) crossing over a SMA. Freestockcharts is the only one that has this feature except for TC-2000 software which costs a bundle. You can not lose with the FW but a few coins. or

    I will tell you this, the CCi 14 is the key to start the journey. a forever stock to own. same chart I can trade daily using the Green Bar / Red Bar technique plus adding 100 shares for every green bar going north, then sell at the next signal. The Freestock shows a better chart.

    I also can play the Simon SEZ Technique in making money when Simon says to buy or sell. still can make money when this ETF is heading south.

    Good luck in your journey with KAMA.

    Quill - a poor church mouse scratching for a living as a professional Swing Trader.
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