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Can you put a perf chart with non-default time period or chartstyle on a tab of a Firefox homepage?

I would like to put a perf chart covering 10 days (not 200 days) and bar chart rather than line chart on a tab of a Firefox homepage. How can you do that?

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  • BobSBobS
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    I searched for an answer to this question and did not find the exact answer. But I found enough that with some experimentation I discovered a way to do it. Because I have gained so much from S.C.A.N. I wanted to include the answer myself for others. I hope that is OK. Here it is.

    1. Setup the perf chart as you like it.
    2. Click the permalink button below it and copy that into your clipboard (Ctrl-C in Windows).
    3. Open your browser's options to where it lists the pages you want for your home page and click "use current pages".
    4. Find the place in it where it is listing your perf chart and replace it with what is in your clipboard (from the permalink). This will give you the customized perf chart rather than the default perf chart.

    Hope that helps somebody.
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