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Advance scan SCTR problem

Take last market close 5/3/2016 as an example
When I use advance scan [SCTR.large > 90],
it suppose to display all the large cap stock which SCTR is larger than 90.

However, I found that the stock like APA which SCTR is 79.3 also included,
and ADT which SCTR is 97 is not included.



  • markdmarkd mod
    edited May 2016
    I think there is some confusion about the end date of the scan, vs. the date used to display the scan results.

    On May 3 after the market close, one trading day before the market close is May 2. So your scan asks for SCTR rankings as of the market close on May 2 (not May 3 - May 3 would be zero days before the last market close).

    But the symbols that match your condition are displayed with the closing data as of May 3. By that time, the SCTR may no longer be > 90, or may not have been 90 yet but became so on May 3.
  • sendmeadsendmead
    edited May 2016
    Actually, I did think what you explained before,
    but after I checked the chart, it shows SCTR of stock ADT is over 90 for about few months. ADT should be included in the advance scan result.
    Here is the ADT chart

    Second question

    APA 79.3
    BNS 79
    CBS 87.4
    CHK 32.6
    are displayed in first figure which [SCTR.large > 90] is used in the advance scan? Thanks!
    sc.png 41.7K
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited May 2016
    re ADT - I noticed the volume is zero. Apparently they were bought out so they stopped trading. If your scan has a volume condition, like volume > 100000, then ADT would not show up. Or maybe there is some other way the scan engine knows it is not trading.

    Re APA, etc.

    The SCTR for APA on May 2 (after the close on May 2), which is the date you scanned for, was 91.4. You can see this if display the chart and use the "Select Start/End" date option under "Chart Attributes - Range" on the Chart Workbench, with the end date set for May 2.

    On May 3, which was the date you actually ran the scan, the SCTR for APA had changed. It was now 79.3. The scan engine always presents the data in the results page as of the date you hit the Run Scan button - NOT the offset date you might have chose ( in this case, one day before the market close on May 3, which was May 2).
  • Thanks for your explanation, I have a clear picture about this now.

    So, is there any method that I can know the ranking of SCTR of each stock, let say on May 2. As I press the sort button, it will sort by the SCTR of current day (the date I hit Run Scan button) but not on May 2, it is rather confuse.

    Actually, what I need to do is to get the top 10 SCTR stocks everyday and trade according to it. However, I need data to back test it. It is impossible for me to look at the image and guess the SCTR data by moving the crosshair, and check it from different stocks in different days. CSV or text data is necessary for me.

    Thanks markd.
  • I think you can do this:

    // begin scan

    // your selection criteria - e.g favorites list, or sp500, etc.

    // condition statements

    and [SCTR.large >90]

    rank by SCTR.large

    // end scan

    On the results page, you will see the SCTR.large rank for the day of the scan, e.g. April 4, or 22 days ago. The results will be listed from highest rank by score to lowest.

    You can copy down the scores if you need them.

    Then you can save the results with "Preserve Sort Order" checked off. When you display the charts, they will be in your default chart style as of the current day. Possibly you could annotate and print the chart with the SCTR.large score you copied down.

    Alternatively, you could use the Chart Attribute - Range - Select Start/End date option to re-format the chart to end on the offset date you scanned for (April 4 to follow the example). If you have the SCTR Line indicator on your chart, the correct value for that day will appear. (Note however, if you display "Full Quote", the SCTR score is incorrect - for some reason it is the SCTR for the current date, not the offset date).
  • Really thanks, I will try it now :)
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