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I am writing a scan(ATTACHED CODE) to see what etf's NVI is greater that its
the 60 day minumum signal 100 day moving average signal line. For the most part the scan
seems like it worked except, I keep coming up with the
AGZ ETF which does not meet that criterion, as you can see
by my attachement on the week of march 14 the signal line 60 min is clearly
greater than the NVI, can you tell me what i am doing worng

// ETF
[group is ETF]
[SMA(10,VOLUME) > 6000] AND
[exchange IS NOT TSE] and
//[group is ETFNOUI] AND
[group is not LSE] and
[group is not NSE] and

[[min(60,NVI Signal(100)) < min(60,NVI )] and
[NVI Signal(100) < nvi]]


  • I think you are thinking that your scan asks for symbols where there is no NVI Signal crossover in the last sixty days, but it doesn't. It asks to compare the minimum NVI value in 60 days to the minimum NVI signal value over the past 60 days, regardless of when either one occurred.

    In the case of AGZ, the NVI Signal minimum occurred before the NVI minimum.

    The minimum value for NVI occurred around Mar 21or 22 (I didn't open your attachment, I reconstructed the chart from you scan conditions - please use a permalink or .png image in the future - thanks!) and the minimum Signal value occurred before that, between Feb 16 to 22 or so, and that value is lower than the minimum NVI value.

    Note: the dates aren't exact because I wasn't sure when your scan start and end dates were.
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