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extra fields in chartlist summary view


I wonder how can I add a new field to the summary view of a chart list? The default field is volume but what interests me more is liquidity for example.




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    gordgord admin
    No there isn't a way to add extra customized fields, but you can review the liquidity for a particular chartlist by running a simple scan.

    Here's a simple one, I inserted my 14Coal list from the dropdown chartlist menu and ended the scan with a "rank by Liquidity" statement. This will add a field to the out table of the daily liquidity, (price times volume).

    [favorites list is 67] // = 14 Coal
    rank by Liquidity

    I often use a smoothed liquidity, SMA price times SMA volume.

    [favorites list is 67] // = 14 Coal
    rank by [SMA(10,close) * SMA(10,volume)]

    hope this gives you some other options
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    Ok, thank you.
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