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manual system backtesting

i would like to backtest a system that i have in mind but i would like to do this manualy is there away on stock charts to take a stock go back say 4 years but view each day/week one by one (like how the daily/weekly bars come up now a new one each day/week) so i don't know what is happening the next day/week until I'm ready to move forward to that day/week? if not is there any reliable software that will allow me to do this?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited May 2016
    You can use the Select Start/End tool under Range on the Chart Workbench.

    Use the drop down calendars to select your start and end dates, then you can advance the dates bar by bar by clicking on the right facing arrow at the end of the long slider adjacent to the date windows (circled red below). The left facing arrow on the left end of the slider moves the dates one bar backwards.

    You can ignore the "21" in the Extra Bars window.

    If you have presentation software like PowerPoint you can right click, copy image, and paste into slides and play slide show to replay the charts in sequence if that helps.
  • Thanks for the reply really appreciate all the help you have given me
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