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Wording for monthly sma cross scans?

Is this wording correct for scans that search for crosses of price and monthly sma's?

[group is sp500] and
[[monthly close x monthly sma(5, close)] or
[monthly close x monthly sma(10, close)] or
[monthly close x monthly sma(14, close)]]


  • Yes, but...

    When you run a monthly scan in the middle of the month, the scan engine will use the current close as the "monthly close".

    If you run the scan intraday (Starting 0 days before the Last Intraday Update 1:03 pm, for instance), it will treat the close value at that time as the end of month value.

    So, you need to use the calendar pop up (click on the "0" in Starting 0 days...) to select the last day of the prior month to get expected results - or wait for the close on the last day of the current month.

    Your "or" brackets are correct.
  • Thanks for your help!
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